A in Aylesworth

Keeping the “A” in Aylesworth

Aylesworth Elementary School is located at 5910 Central Avenue and proudly educates, empowers, and inspires around 475 students in grades K-5 every year. Aylesworth is uniquely and proudly named after the first superintendent of Portage Township Schools, Wallace Aylesworth.

We like to consider ourselves a TRIBE because, by definition, a TRIBE is a group of people who move in the SAME direction and moving in that direction TOGETHER.

Aylesworth is proud to have a highly qualified and dedicated staff of professionals who truly believe that all children can grow, learn, think for themselves, develop grit, learn most from their mistakes, and apply what they learn and think about to things that really do matter.

The Aylesworth staff is committed to creating meaningful learning opportunities that will enable our kids to understand the world around them and the talents within them so they can contribute to any worthy cause bigger than themselves at any age and in all careers.

A strong partnership between the school and home is vital. Working together and emphasizing the importance of a good education greatly increases each kids’ ability to understand the world around them and the unique, individual talents within them.

Our school offers many opportunities to our children beyond the school day such as: STEM Club, Robotics Club, Just Say No Club, NANO Writing Tribe, and Choir. Additionally, various community endeavors and drives are undertaken throughout the year showing our kids that they CAN contribute to any worthy cause bigger than themselves at any age and it reminds EVERY member of the TRIBE that service to others is an invaluable learning opportunity that EDUCATES the minds, EMPOWERS the body, and INSPIRES the soul.

Our motto is“Be Nice and Work Hard.” As each day unfolds and we prepare our kids to take what they learn inside our walls to the outside world, our goal is for each of our kids to understand the VALUE of BEING NICE and the IMPORTANCE of WORKING HARD. These two HABITS, once developed and part of who they are will EMPOWER each of them to make a real difference in the world and INSPIRE excellence in themselves and all those around them.